What does the California Vehicle Code (CVC) have to say about the authority of my association to make rules in regard to parking?

If you will refer to the California Department of Motor Vehicles Code, 22658, you will find the answer.

If I didn't get a citation, is the towing of my vehicle illegal?

No. All citations are courtesy notices, except in those cases where the association fines violators. Therefore, it is not necessary for you to acknowledge the citation in order to be subject to towing.

May I demand of Innovative Patrol, copies of the citation I received or did not receive, but they say was issued?

No. Innovative Protection’s officers cite vehicles, turn the citations into the Innovative Patrol data entry personnel where they are placed in a database. The citation is then destroyed to save storage space. Keeping hard copies of citations is laborious and costly, and really proves nothing. The officer will testify that he wrote the citation, and the fact that it is in the computer proves some else saw it.

Explain Permits, Decals, Passes & Hangtags

In order for the associations to control parking and so the parking enforcement officer can know who is who, various parking programs have been developed using different types of identifying objects. Depending on the association’s intentions and goals, Innovative Protection might suggest any of the above items.

Who do I call for a Permit?

Depending on the association and its rules, you may be eligible to obtain a parking permit through your property manager or from Innovative Protection direct. If you will call Innovative Protection during normal business hours, we can assist you in determining your best course of action.

Do all citations have to be for the same violation to make the vehicle 'subject to tow'?

Almost without exception, associations stipulate that cites are cumulative toward eligibility to be towed, and are not required to be for the same violation to accumulate.

Why didn't the officer who towed my car, not knock on my door and advise me?

We used to do that until we found that people would park in the fire lane and wait for the officer to come to their door and knock. Unfortunately, people took advantage.

Why didn't the officer who towed my car, not knock on my door and advise me?

Innovative Protection works for the association and in that capacity is allowed to enforce association rules in the “common area.” Usually, your assigned space, in legal terms is referred to as “exclusive use space.” As that, it is legally very similar to being your garage. Therefore, if someone has parked in your space, they have injured you and not the association. Consequently, as agents of the association, Innovative Protection cannot act on your behalf, so you will have to do that. Innovative Proection will be happy to give you the number to a reputable tow company, however, you must call them and must sign for the tow.