Innovative Protection offers a variety of services ranging from specialization in armed and unarmed protection to Alarm Response. We collaborate with you to devise protective plans that complement your schedule and your demands, based on security assessments. We promise to provide these assessments to you completely free of charge.

While other security contractors may only be capable of providing specific services tailored to only one field, Innovative covers a wide array of issues on the domestic, corporate, and private front. We bring our clients unparalleled levels of professional modern surveillance. For every officer working at Innovative, no level of intricacy is too advanced.

24 – 7 Management

Our team never sleeps. We cater to each client providing access to their account manager and a local state of the art Security Guard Dispatch Center 24/ 7. Innovative Protection recognizes the importance of access and communication. Our quick responsiveness and cutting edge resources are part of the value of our services. Our 24/7 Dispatch Center are available to your around the clock.

Our Technology

Our investment in technology has put Innovative Protection ahead of the game. We utilize the most advanced and sophisticated tracking systems. Our clients get an overview of operations in real time. Our digital reports come by thinking green. Clients and management have greater control with our customized security systems.

Field Supervision

Field Supervisors randomly visit each site in support of our security guards to assure our security team is consistently delivering to surpass client expectations. Our security guards are briefed on new rules, regulations, policy changes, uniform inspections and equipment inspections. We keep our security guards on their toes with unannounced visits to assure they are delivering up to their maximum potential.

Specialized Divisions

We provide security services to a wide range of industries. Innovative Protection has organized categories for each assignment. Our attentiveness to each industry has our security team prepared to provide diverse security services. Our security divisions include Armed Security, Unarmed Security, Patrol Security, Loss Prevention, Event Security, Executive Protection and Bodyguards.

Which Area Do We Serve?

Since years, Innovativce Protection has been a company providing security guard services in and around the state of California. Leading the security guard industry to new frontiers, Innovative is renowned for its guarding and patrol Services in Los Angeles. We offer a wide variety of security Services in all areas of California, including Orange, Riverside and San Diego. If you are interested in patrol or security services for your company or community, contact us for a free consultation now! We provide security services to both residential and commercial properties in California.

“Innovative Protection has been nothing short of professional, timely and reliable to work with. Their security companies offer protection and help deter and eliminate issues with potential criminal activity.”

John Cobren

Property Manager

“Innovative Protection quickly responds to requests for additional protective services and is always willing to assist in any way possible. The merchants in the community have seen a decrease in nuisance crimes since Innovative started providing security and protection. The guards are always dependable and reliable.”

Maria Carmen

Property Manager

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