Dedicated Patrol

Whereas the random patrol program meets the needs of most properties, Innovative Protection has developed an alternative product to meet more demanding needs. Typically this program is implemented as a measure to counteract an episode of negative activity or when a management company acquires a new “challenged” property in need of rehabilitation. Other management companies find this a good option when they have multiple properties in a relatively small geographical region.

The dedicated patrol program is the closest thing to “guard” service that Innovative Protecion offers. Using patrol officers, patrol vehicles and the same training and equipment enjoyed by random patrol buyers, clients may purchase their own patrol officer. Whereas with the random patrol program the officer services a variety of clients at multiple locations, the dedicated patrol officer services only one client, or a cooperative venture involving multiple clients, which may entail multiple properties.

Naturally, this is a more costly option; however the results you’ll see are worth the investment. Innovative Protection has shown great success in helping clients with challenged properties through this program. Typically, following a short-term dedicated patrol service, the property’s challenges are mitigated and it may then transfer services to a more affordable long-term random patrol program.

Dedicated For Residentail

This option is suited for properties that have many streets and large distances to cover, it would offer you and your tenants great coverage and the most complete services available that we have to offer.

  1. Patrol all areas in a highly visible marked patrol unit
  2. Check and lock up laundry rooms and gates
  3. Make note of lights out and other maintenance issues (i.e. sprinklers, etc.
  4. Check in with office for office staff safety
  5. Respond to calls from our dispatch center when tenants call for complaints
  6. Parking control, citations and towing if authorize
  7. Enforce the rules and regulations of your property
  8. Patrol vehicle would dedicate itself to being on that particular property only
  9. Patrol officer would park vehicle and physically walk the property at least twice daily
  10. Patrol officer would respond to all calls made to dispatch
  11. Dispatch sends additional patrol units when multiple calls for service are received

Any other security duties that the client would request. Email for questions info@