There are times when budgets are just not conducive to employing an onsite security officer. Vehicle patrols, however, are very cost-effective and provide high visibility at designated and/or random times.

Innovative Protection maintains a 24-hour Operations Center that ensures that all posts are properly filled. The Operations Center is also responsible for any assistance that the officers might need, and provides valuable customer service to all clients. Mobile patrol inspections refer to random interior and exterior patrols of your property or work site. This service enables small and medium size businesses to access security offerings that are typically only available to larger corporations.

A highly visible security patrol can provide a strong deterrent to criminal activity at your residence or place of business. Patrol drivers are specially selected and trained for their duties, and must maintain an excellent driving record. Our experienced patrol officers have an unsurpassed track record of satisfied clients.

The following are some task completed by our patrol officers visiting your property:

  • High visibility deterrent to criminal activity
  • Property Lock-ups and Unlocks if requested
  • Enforce Property Curfew
    Deter any suspicious or unwanted activity
  • Report suspicious activities, theft, vandalism, abnormal activities, safety hazards, stored/abandoned vehicles and maintenance issues (graffiti, lights out, inoperable doors, locks, water leaks, etc.
  • Attend neighborhood watch meetings and security committee meetings.
  • Enforcement of Property Rules and Regulations
  •  Parking Enforcement Program
  •  Foot patrol: sidewalks, alleys, hallways, parking lots. Etc.
  • Vehicle patrol: illuminate dark alleys and common areas.
  •  Remain sensitive to changing conditions within the community and service requests.
  •  Greet and screen, residents and visitors.
  • Respond to calls for service for tenants and management 24.7.

Complete Detailed Computerized Reports: Daily Patrol Reports, Incident Reports, Parking Violation Reports, Maintenance Reports, Field Interview Reports, Arrest Report, and Warning Notice Reports.

  • Mobile Patrol 100% 100%
  • Residential Patrol 100% 100%
  • Alarm Response 100% 100%
  • Security Guard 100% 100%

Next Business Day (daily) Reports: In cases where there are report items to report, We email our clients DAILY with the following reports:

  • Activity Reports
  • Patrol Report
  • Maintenance Report
  • Parking Violations
  • Arrest Report
  • Field Interview
  • Call For Service

All Calls Requiring Responses (loud Parties, Suspicious People, Etc: Every time an officer is dispatched to our property, a report of the call and the outcome is emailed to the manager, same day!



Are detailed service instructions given by the client. Client Orders may include number of visits to the property, officer’s duties to perform while on site, Parking Rules and Regulations, etc. Our officers review and maintain a copy of Client’s Orders at all times while on your property.


Residents are now able to safe-list their vehicles and their Guest’s vehicles on-line, if authorized by the Association, by simply visiting our website. You do NOT have to display the confirmation number in your vehicle. Simply, just keep it for your records.

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Innovative Protection believes in offering you the best value for your money, which is why we have a local, full-service dispatch center available to you 365 days a year. When you call with a problem or concern, our Innovative Protection dispatch representatives will assess the situation and dispatch one of our patrol officers to assist you, or when it is necessary, contact the authorities.

Our top of the line call monitoring system clearly records conversations between you and our Innovative Protection dispatch representatives to ensure higher customer satisfaction. Utilizing our electronic tracking system and vehicle GPS tracking, our Innovative Protection dispatch representatives can provide you with accurate reports about the security on your property and locate officers within minutes of your request. As part of our services, the dispatch center will provide daily reports detailing activity on your property.

Our state of the art dispatch center is equipped with the latest technology enabling us to offer you peace of mind that there is always someone out there to help you.