Pool Monitors

When summer arrives, pool areas become active. And, when pool areas become active, your exposure to liability increases, regrettably. During these times, it becomes necessary to ensure that those that enter community pool areas are authorized to do so. Moreover, it is necessary to ensure that those that are enjoying the benefits of the pool area are doing so in accordance with the posted rules. Innovative Protection  provides pool monitors that verify residency of those that come through the entry gates, ensure that pool rules are abided by, and keep detailed records and logs of all activity.

Our pool monitors Include:

  1. Serve as gatekeepers to permit only those authorized to enter the facility.
  2. Enforce the pool rules & safety requirements
  3. Ensure that the pool areas are in good repair, taking care to organize chairs and tables, and picking up trash.
  4. Immediately report maintenance issues to the client.
  5. Have radio communication with our 24-hour dispatch staff