We are a locally-owned security guard and patrol services company in San Fernando Valley. We are committed to providing a safe community.

We pride ourselves in customer service and in providing great value. Our management system has been structured to assure that our field operations establish a safe and responsive environment for our clients. Our security guard training keeps our security guards at the top of their game, both is service and in technology.

Our motto speaks volumes. Innovative Protection. believes in an extensive initial training program.

Every officer is issued a Innovative Protection. Procedure Manual, which is the foundation of his or her training.

Classroom training, by veteran officers and management, covers state law, report writing, safety and emergency procedures, and public relations.

We follow up the initial training with required continuing education, advanced certification and written notices of changing policy.

We also provide our guards with constant updates on new safety concerns, public notices, and criminal developments.

All Innovative Protection officers receive on-site training from a field supervisor at every new location they are assigned.

Innovative Protection believes that our quality training and informed officers help to provide the most professional security services available to you.

Innovative Protection is becoming of Los Angeles County’s most trusted private security patrol companies, specializing in customized security and parking enforcement services for community associations, apartment and condominium communities, mobile home & RV parks, construction sites, school districts, municipalities, and other entities. The services that Innovative Protection provides are expressly tailored to meet the specific needs of the client. With no marketing department, its client portfolio has been built primarily by word of mouth and referral. Unlike its competitors, Innovative Protection does not view its clientele as mere impersonal statistics on a balance sheet; rather, clients are embraced as opportunities to foster long-lasting, professional relationships that are mutually beneficial for all parties. Professionalism Innovative Protection takes providing protective services very seriously, as we are responsible for the protection of people, property, and assets. our security officers are required to wear professional uniforms, employ professional tactics, complete professional officer development schooling, prepare professional daily activity logs, and represent our clients in a professional manner.  Above all else, a good first impression ends with the security officer being an expert in keeping clients safe and giving precise directions within clients’ buildings.  Our security officers will report for duty on time, ready for work, looking sharp at all times, enforcing all policies and procedures, dealing with everyday situations while being helpful and focused on protective services. Our Philosophy The private security industry has seen exponential growth since 2001. Customers that are in the market for a private patrol service have many companies to choose from; that choice, unfortunately, can be a taxing one. Innovative Protection sets itself apart in the industry by embracing a philosophy that positions it above all others, thereby making the selection process for potential clients a rather painless endeavor. We believe that a successful private patrol service

  1.  Builds close working relationships with its clientele as a means to effecting productive communication and trust. Healthy dialogue leads to productive strategy and decision making.
  2.  Is accessible and dependable. Clients must have confidence that they can speak to a company representative, at any hour, and trust that their concerns or requests will be promptly handled.
  3.  Understands that the client is its #1 asset. Customer satisfaction is first and foremost the top priority. Clients are not statistics.
  4.  Employs the latest technologies that inspire confidence in service. E.g. GPS systems to monitor employees, online reporting, electronic field messaging systems, functional radio systems.
  5.  Deploys an active and ongoing training and safety program for its employees.
  6.  Provides close supervision and evaluation of employee work and performance, thereby ensuring that the client’s directives and requirements are responsibly executed and met.
  7.  Embodies professionalism and trust in its image by ensuring that security officers are officially uniformed, and that company vehicles are highly visible and inspire confidence in appearance.

Our Response We believe in 100% accountability. We offer security services that include video equipped patrol cars and security officers with body worn video cameras, that reduce frivolous law suits and complaints. No other security vendor offers this level of liability protection. Period. We invest in technology. Our exclusive state of the art digital reporting system is GPS and tamper proof of the quality service all of our customers receive. We focus on our client’s specific requests and requirements, delivering a proactive resolution, not just a reactive response. Customer Oriented Our approach to customer service is simple. We have a full team of on duty security leaders including a full time Quality Assurance Manager that ensures close supervision of every officer, every site – staying in contact with every security officer no matter what the contract. Additional strategies we employ are:

  1. Random Post Inspections – all sites checked by a senior field supervisor.
  2. Site Supervisor assigned to every site.
  3. Monthly employee meetings
  4. Training lead by our Quality Assurance Manager.
  5. Regularly scheduled client meetings with Innovative Protection management staff.
  6. Written logs of every “on-site” post.
  7.  Our exclusive Pre-Post program. Ensures officers arrival – eliminates tardiness, no shows.
  8.  Self-checking system. Innovative Protection consistently monitors its officers, supervisors and contracts to present the best security possible.

Cost – Effective All of Innovative Protection services are competitively priced, based on the type of services needed. We work with our clients to study their challenges and determine their needs before customizing and pricing our services. Innovative Protection client’s can rest assured they are getting a better managed, more responsive and highly experienced team of professionals. When it comes to the value of service, we have set a very high standard for customer service, quality and accountability. That’s what makes us different.