Security Guards and Patrol Services Los Angeles

Whenever You Need, Wherever You Need
Most often that not, alarm companies don’t have a patrol service aligned with the alarm response should the systems become active in your home, office, or any other property for that matter. In face, an alarm system may actually be redundant, if not costly, if there is no one around to answer the call, immediately get in touch with the local law enforcement.

What’s more striking is that since there are an overwhelming number of calls in such cases, the local law enforcement may delay its arrival which could only mean bad news for you. Bear in mind that most alarm companies will only monitor the systems for a monthly fee, and the law enforcement in California is already overwhelmed rather than providing any real time response solutions.

At Innovative Protection, we provide quick and proactive solutions in case the alarm system in your premise is activated. In such cases, simply ask the alarm company to call the local law enforcement and us. Depending on your location, our alarm response officers will respond to your needs in a quick response time

Residential, Patrol, & Dedicated Alarm Response
Alarm response security is important, which is why you need the assistance of a highly responsive service that can protect you from any potential situations immediately. This is where Innovative Protection thrives as it provides a range of solutions to difference types of alarm response needs.

Whether you are going on a short vacation and need your home checked regularly, or you want a private patrol to monitor your property or the neighborhood regularly during the day and night, we make sure our officers are able to meet your exact and specific needs.

Our alarm response officers strive to make sure that your comfort and peace of mind are not compromised while you’re away on vacations, heading to work, or going to sleep. We provide dedicated security patrol that is available for properties, neighborhoods, communities, and commercial businesses among others with a dedicated security patrol that gets you a fulltime security presence with 24/7 monitoring to ensure that your interests protected at all times.

For a nominal, flat monthly fee, Innovative Protection Services can offer your home or business priority response to your accounts location within minutes of when we get the call from your alarm monitoring company. All you need to do is list us with your alarm monitoring company as the primary point of contact.

Innovated alarm response is cost-effective. Over 90% of alarm activations are false and can constitute great fines by your local Police/Fire departments. Our Alarm response service will save you greatly with just a couple of false alarms per year, and keep you and your employees safe from harm.

Key Benefits of Alarm Response:

  • Uniformed/trained Security Officer
  • Highly visible Security Patrol unit
  • Two-way real-time communication with our dispatch center
  • Timely response 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Monthly activity reports
  • The ability to contact our office any time to check on your property
  • Freedom from liability for your employees and family members
  • Incident reduction because of visible presence
  • This service is free with any monthly Security Patrol Service program

Alarm response service is only available to properties with an alarm system installed or properties willing to have one installed.

Innovative Protection will aid in getting an alarm system installed and activated through a third party company but will not physically monitor the alarms.

*Service is not available in all areas.
** Alarm response service can be combined with other services.

Plan 1: 24-Hour Alarm Response

Our patrol units will respond to your monitored alarm system signals 24 hours a day, 7 days a week:

  • Our response agents are dispatched to your home prior to police dispatch, helping to eliminate false alarm fees from local law enforcement.
  • Added protection to your home or business if an actual burglary or break-in has occurred, or is in progress. Alarm response agents stay on site and in contact with the owner and law enforcement.
  • Guaranteed faster response time. Dispatch from our central station to our patrol units is priority one.
  • All activity is reported directly to you.

Plan 2: Innovative Response Plus

In addition to all the services offered in plan one, Plan Two offers these additional services:

Twice monthly visits to your home.

  • We inspect and insure the security of your property.
  • Adjust thermostat, if needed, flush toilets, remove over-stuffed mail from mailbox, pick up newspapers, etc.
  • This service is ideal for absentee homeowners.
  • We will hold a duplicate key to your home, maintained in a secure key vault.

Plan 3: Random Patrol Service

  • Scheduled and random patrol sweeps to homes & businesses 5 times a night, 7 days a week.
  • Investigation of all suspicious circumstances, persons and vehicles.
  • A complete and detailed report of visits to your property, including time and date.
  • Crime deterrence through high-visibility security guard patrol units.
  • Alarm verification prior to police dispatch – helps eliminate false alarm fees & charges.
  • Added protection if an actual burglary or break-in has occurred or is in progress. Our Alarm response agents stay on-site and are in contact with owner and law enforcement.
  • 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Plan 4: Convenience Plan

  • Key holding. The patrol will keep a duplicate of your house key maintained in a secure key vault, if access to your home is needed in an emergency, or to provide access to workers, contractors, etc. Also, keys can be made available to family members, friends or renters at your direction.
  • Sign posting. We will post our distinctive Innovative Protection Response sign, warning potential intruders that your home is protected with our services.

Mobile patrols offer a cost effective and visible deterrent to any possible offender that could be targeting your premises. You can never take the security of your premises or staff lightly, it is about prevention not reaction.

Innovative Protection provides one of the leading Mobile Patrol and Alarm Response service in Melbourne because it can deliver a cost effective and efficient service backed by 20 years’ experience in the security field. We provide the same level of service no matter the size of the job and can assist with minimizing risks with our prevention rather than reaction work ethic. We have proven to provide fast response times, accurate reporting, and a professional service.

Innovative Protection covers all California cities and surrounding suburbs. As part of our Mobile Patrol and Alarm Responses we can offer you the following high level of service: –

  • External check of premises and building,
  • Check and secure all visible access points,
  • Securely hold premises keys to undertake thorough checks of the premises,
  • Escort staff from your building to their car or to their chosen transportation,
  • Attend in an emergency situation,
  • Full incident reports will be supplied if there has been a break and enter
  • Open and close of premises at any time,
  • Site specific patrol requests (vehicle or on foot),
  • Ensure that all doors, gates, windows, roller shutters and access points where accessible are secured,
  • Leaving a patrol docket for each attendance and the duration of the site patrol,
  • Proof of identity checks with all individuals found on site with an after-hour’s contact of your choice,
  • Vehicle checks
  • Machinery checking patrols,
  • Welfare checks,
  • Visual presence with our clearly marked mobile patrol vehicles attending to your premises,
  • Isolate and de-isolate fire alarms,
  • Report on safety issues, and
  • A brief risk assessment of the property regarding the best security service to suit your requirements.

All of our security guards have the relevant license to perform their duties. Mobile patrol officers will be briefed in relation to your site-specific needs. All licensed staff will be in the uniform supplied by Innovative Protection and have torches, two-way radios, mobile phones, and report writing facilities to complete the job in the most professional manner.

Another service that is run alongside of the Mobile Patrol and Alarm Response is our Personal Bodyguard Division. The members of this team are highly trained to deal with the high-end life-threatening risk factors. They can take care of a staff member that has been threatened by escorting them to and from your premises to complete protective custody. Please refer to the Personal Protection (Bodyguard) section of our portfolio for further information.

Innovative Protection focuses on providing a safe and secure premise for you, your employees and visitors. Our professionalism and the level of standards we expect from all of our staff is unmatched within the industry. Innovative Protection provides first class service to all clients and staff.

Contact us today to discuss your site-specific requirements and be guaranteed that you will be receiving the best mobile service available in the industry. We want to ensure that this is one area of your business that you do
not need worry about.