Gated Community Security Services

When our officers are placed on the job in a residential neighborhood, they are able to handle all of the security for the entire community. From the entry gates to helping with emergencies, our security teams are trained to make certain that the people in the community feel completely safe.

Our trained, equipped and certified security officers will be on the job 24 hours a day in the community to give everyone the knowledge that there is someone watching out for them. We uniform all of our officers to make our security presence known, and we dedicate ourselves to the safety of everyone who lives in the neighborhood.

Our security guards are friendly and courteous and will enhance the image of your management and reduce the number of incidents and complaints.

Your tenants will feel more secure with our professional security personnel patrolling their community. We strive to find permanent long-term personnel for our private communities clients because we find the residents like to get to know the security personnel. The residents feel more comfortable with security guard present.

Innovative Protective Services recognizes the importance of controlling parking at gated community and multi-Unit apartments. We can provide professional personnel to monitor and manage your limited parking areas. From simple monitoring to active vehicle towing we have the right personnel for your property.More Services

When the community is gated, our security teams handle every security procedure at the entry gate. We do not simply open the gate and left people in the neighborhood. Our officers check the residential decals on all the cars of people who live in the neighborhood. Our security staff also get to know everyone in the neighborhood that we have a personal relationship with people who live in the community. This connection helps us to provide better security and make everyone feel safer.

When people roll up to the entry gate who are visitors, we check a visitor’s log that the homeowners in the community can add names to. When people are not on the list, we make sure to contact the resident whom the visitor is going to see before they are let into the community. We are extremely professional and cordial, but we take every precaution to make sure that the neighborhood is safe. This means that we do not let in anyone who is not supposed to be there.

When people are leaving the neighborhood, we ensure that the same number of people who entered the neighborhood also leave the neighborhood. We check cars out of the community so that we always know who is on the premises..

24 hour security services

We have readily available competent, trained, experienced, courteous & well mannered – 24 hour Armed Guards Unarmed Guard Patrols along with Protection Specialists to cater for all types security needs. We are fully competent of providing effective, vigilant & above all the most courteous Security Services to our valued customers and clients. While our competition may offer a lower price you are getting unlicensed, untrained, unsatisfactory service that will cost you liability, theft, and loss.

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