The administration of any community or business association parking policy can be painstaking. Community managers are often overworked, and dealing with parking issues on a daily basis can be time consuming and can easily cause focus to be drawn away from other important tasks. Board of directors and parking committee members that take on the responsibilities of parking administration can unwittingly become victim to unnecessary confrontation and disruption. Moreover, the amount of time such responsibility requires tends to put a strain on one’s lifestyle.

Innovative Protection Patrol specializes in taking away the burden of parking administration by assuming all of the clerical duties that are associated with the maintenance of any parking policy. Innovative Protection has been administering the parking policies of community and business associations across Los Angeles County with stellar success and satisfaction. The popularity that we have gained through the service is because we know what works.

We employ the use of parking management software that was specifically designed for our company so that we could ensure that it could meet the challenges of our customers’ needs and requirements.

We understand that parking policies are different for every client, and we have protocols in place that ensure that your policy is being administered your way.
We understand the necessity of oversight. We provide our clients customizable reports that are specifically tailored for each client.

We understand the need for accessibility. In addition to providing an online web system for parking data retrieval, we provide our clients with 24-hour access to Innovative Protection dispatchers that can process and field parking requests and inquiries.

Parking Monitoring & Tracking
You need to trust that your parking rules are being responsibly enforced and followed. With the ability to adapt to your specific parking policy, our officers will monitor and track vehicles in your community, issue warning and tow notices, and facilitate the towing of vehicles (if applicable) that violate the parking rules & restrictions.

Parking logs and reports are tailored to the client’s specific rules and requirements, and they are made available for review electronically.

Citations: We record all written citations in our online database. Clients will never need to be concerned about documentation or proof of violations.

Community Vehicle Registration
The task of registering vehicles for any client can be a challenging endeavor. We make the process an easy one. We are able to facilitate the mailing of all community vehicle registration forms, process those forms, and store them in our online database.

Because we store vehicle registrations in a database, a tool that is accessible to authorized clients, vehicles and related data can be identified with a few clicks of the mouse.

Permit / Parking Variance Maintenance
Our experience at administering community parking policies makes for easy permit or parking variance maintenance. We can handle all of the clerical duties associated with:

  1. Parking permit applications
  2. Permit distribution
  3. Temporary Parking Permit Requests
  4. The collection of permit/variance fees (if applicable to your policy)
  5. Written correspondence to applicants (e.g. approval and denial letters)

Parking Violation Letters
We realize that ticketing and towing as means of enforcement may not be the choice for every client. As an alternative to such invasive methods, there are certain violations that may be pursued by violation letters being sent to homeowners, thereby providing community managers and board members the needed documentation to hold intent to fine hearings or other administrative procedures.

Innovative Protection Patrol mails out hundreds of parking violation letters every month, and our staff fields all calls pertaining to those letters. These letters are typically very effective in bringing about compliance to unresolved parking violations.

Our violation letters are customizable to your community’s regulations and procedures.

Garage Inspections
Some parking policies require residents to utilize garages for the parking of vehicles BEFORE permits are granted to outside vehicles. Ensuring that residents meet such requirements can be difficult to verify.

When processing parking permit applications, we have the ability to schedule garage inspections with the applicants, at convenient times with their schedules, to verify eligibility and compliance with their community’s parking policy. The results of those inspections are forwarded to community managers and Boards of Directors for review.

Conducting garage inspections is an effective method in ensuring that loopholes are closed.

24-Hour Call Center
We understand that the administration of a parking policy does not end at a certain time of day; rather, it is a 24-hour endeavor. For an effective policy, clients and their residents must have access to representatives at any time. Our staff is available 24-hours per day, 7 days per week to:

  1. Field and process all parking permit requests
  2. Answer parking related questions
  3. Schedule inspection appointments