Regardless of your system and setup, we understand the detail. In addition to our extensive knowledge of Class A Buildings, we are very quick to integrate and maintain your fire / safety panels, CCTV system or your Access control policies. While keeping a watchful eye on the building’s exterior and interior perimeters, and entry points, we patrol every floor, check every door and make sure the building is safe, secure and protected.

We patrol the parking lot to make sure vehicles overnight are protected, and deter any vandalism. We watch for vehicles that have been parked for an extended period of time, and report it to management so that it may be moved to a vehicular storage space. Security officers are alert and vigilant, which allows them to quickly respond to any floor alarms. This information is compiled daily for the last 24 Hours, and reported in electronic form. It is then delivered to the management’s email distribution list of their choice, so they can see everything that happened on the property. The report goes above and beyond with detail, and addresses everything and any thing that may be out of the ordinary. This gives management the following morning a list of any issues and the ability to accurately respond to needs. In your absence, rest assured that we are your eyes and ears, entrusted with the property’s safety and security.