Does hiring a private patrol service lower property insurance rates?

Yes, insurance rate will lower depending on your insurance carrier.

Are your security patrol officers armed?

Yes, the officers responding to your property are armed with the current training and qualifications.

What is the benefit of having a security guard?

The benefit of having a security guard is that it will enhance the image of your establishment and reduce the number of incidents and complaints. Every business and establishment has reason to consider professional security guards. If you own a business, you are certainly aware of the monetary impact of a burglary. Guarded areas can prevent theft, injury, vandalism and lawsuits.

What is a Vacation Check?

Vacation Checks are generally an element of a Residential Patrol package. A Vacation Check (VC) provides perimeter & door checks, as well as a close-up property inspection during the resident’s absence. Services may include mail and newspaper pick-up, additional patrols, and generally keeping a watchful eye on behalf of the resident to ensure the property remains safe and secure.

Businesses that close for off-site training and other reasons find this a valuable “add-on” service to a Strategic Random Patrol package. We call this a “Vacancy Check”.

Who can benefit from hiring Innovative mobile patrol services?

Security conscious property owners/managers who realize that mobile patrol inspections are a proactive approach to property safety and security as well as a deterrent to crimes like theft, vandalism and trespassing.

Owners/managers of businesses or commercial properties with goods, equipment and vehicles that are prone to theft or vandalism

Owners/managers of hotels and resorts that want to protect their property from criminal activity, or trespassing and provide their guests with a visible safety and security presence during their stay at the property

Construction site managers that want nightly, or weekend patrols of the site to deter theft and vandalism of tools, equipment and building materials.

Residences and neighborhoods that wish to have a highly visible or undercover security presence to deter criminal activities in the area

Owners of vacant properties and vacation homes that are shut down, or winterized for the off season and require only periodic exterior security checks for break-ins, vandalism, animal and storm damage.

Owners of other expensive private property such as boats, RVs, heavy equipment, etc.

Anyone that is concerned with criminal activity in their area, like arson, break-ins, thefts from vehicles, trespassing, vandalism, etc…

What does the mobile patrol unit do when it gets to my property to perform a patrol check?

Our patrol units will monitor the exterior of your property and any goods, equipment, vehicles, etc… located on the property for safety, security and damage issues.

Our patrol agent will perform the specific tasks in the patrol orders for your property, observe and report on any suspicious persons, vehicles, activity or incidents in the area and conduct traditional crime prevention techniques in accordance with state and local laws.

Do owners receive a discount with Armed Guard Private Protection if they contract services?

Yes, we offer a 10 percent discount for all services if the client is a member of the farm bureau.

Do you supply uniformed security guards?

Yes; we can provide uniformed security guards or alternatively should you require them for a covert operation, we can supply plain clothes guards. Should you wish to hire a uniformed security guard, we have a range of options available including the popular and very smart navy blue suit which is perfect for corporate organisations; black suit, white shirt and black tie for evening door supervisor work or corporate events; or protective clothing including high visibility jackets and hard hats where the security guard is required to work in hazardous conditions such as on a construction site.

What are the contract terms of mobile patrol services?

Contract mobile patrol services are prepaid in advance and scheduled per your requirements.

Patrols can be scheduled to be conducted at any frequency and for any time period you need. Mobile patrols can be done multiple times per day, or night, once or twice a week, every other day, every day, every night, only on the weekends, only for week or two, even on demand whenever you need them.

How long will the patrol unit be on the property during a patrol check?

The patrol agent will thoroughly check the external perimeter of your property before conducting a check on all points of entry of buildings on the property to ensure all doors and windows are secure. They will also perform any additional tasks based on the patrol orders for the property, including inspecting certain checkpoints if required.

The designated time for the patrol and reporting time will vary depending on the property, the patrol orders and patrol tasks required for the property. A designated amount of time for the patrol check will be agreed upon in the contract with the property owner/manager before the start of the patrol services.

Any time over this allocated patrol time period will require additional charges as described in the patrol service contract and the terms of service agreed to prior to starting the patrol services. If there is an issue at the property, the patrol unit will attempt to contact the property owner, or an authorized representative to approve of additional time on scene. If no one can be reached, the patrol unit will take whatever action deemed necessary while keeping in mind the best interests of the property owner.

What are the visibility options for conducting mobile patrols?

Innovative Protection can perform high-profile marked vehicle, or low-profile unmarked vehicle patrols. The mode of the patrol check will depend on your preferences and the security needs of your property. We realize that every client’s property is different and because of that, our patrol vehicles are equipped to perform either type of patrol.

What type of vehicles are used for mobile patrol units?

Our security patrol vehicles are well maintained, marked and ford crown victoria model vehicles that are fully equipped to perform mobile patrol services.

How are your mobile patrol vehicles equipped?

patrol units are equipped with all necessary security patrol equipment including, communications gear, flashing warning lights, spotlights and dashboard cameras that record the events of every patrol.

What if the patrol unit discovers a problem at my property during a patrol check?

In the case there is a problem discovered during the patrol that cannot be reasonably resolved by our patrol unit, we will notify the business owner/resident, or designated property manager as well as local law enforcement, or emergency services if necessary.

What does the patrol check patrol report look like?

Our security patrol check shift report includes the details of each patrol check on the property performed during that shift. These reports include details of the current property status, incident reporting and GPS and time stamped digital images of the property along with detailed images of any potential issues or problems that were discovered. These patrol reports will also include all checkpoint scans as required by the patrol orders.

The property patrol shift report is emailed directly to the client at the end of each shift. All the details of every patrol check completed during the shift delivered in a single report (PDF document).

What are your rates for contract mobile patrol services?

mobile patrol service contracts start as low as $10 per patrol check, but rates vary up/down based on patrol frequency, the time required to complete the patrol, reporting requirements, property size/type, location and patrol orders.

We offer discounts for higher frequency patrol checks, drive-through patrols and patrols of of multiple properties in the same immediate area. Contact us for a custom quote.

What if I need a dedicated mobile patrol unit for my property?

If you need a dedicated mobile patrol unit to secure, or watch your property for any length of time, please contact us for a quote.

What do we risk by using another security company?

Security companies are a dime a dozen, but quality companies are hard to find. That is why we started our business. Other companies pay their employees very little, and have a high turn over. Their wages also reflect the quality of their employees. These companies often carry no, or inadequate, insurance. Don’t put your business at risk. Innovative Protection covers your bases, and is competitively priced. Call today for a free quote.

Can Innovative Protection provide credible references?

Absolutely! References are furnished upon request. PLEASE speak to any of our clients, we are proud of our work and confident you will hear rave reviews. We will be happy to provide credible references from similar clients and scope of services.

How quickly can you start service?

We can start security services as soon as you tell us to begin, same day if needed. We realize that in our business our customers need immediate peace of mind. We will help in anyway we can, so you can get back to business as soon as possible.

How much does it costs to have a security guard?

The costs for our services are, in large part, determined by several factors that include the number of guards needed, hours per week, time of day, and whether armed or unarmed security guards will be needed. Give us a try!

We offer security guard services at an AFFORDABLE price. No long term-contracts required. We are confident we can earn and keep your business. Our licensed security guards are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week! We will give you a FREE PROPOSED SERVICE AGREEMENT that will give you the EXACT costs. Consultation is free. Satisfaction Guaranteed.

Each service agreement/plan is reviewed and approved by you, the client, prior to implementation! Give us a chance; you’ll be glad you did!

Does Armed Guard Private Protection have affordable service plans?

Yes, Innovative Protection offers a variety of affordable plans. we offer patrol services, central surveillance camera system, standing guard service and patrol response service. A Combination of services can be tailored to meet client’s needs and adjusted throughout the year.

How do I get started with mobile security patrols for my property?

Call us at (818) 925-7606 or email us today to discuss your property’s security patrol needs.

Are your security guards locally oriented?

Yes. We make sure the security guard assigned to your account is either from your area or familiar with the area and they are trained to be prepared for your specific job. Our satellite offices in addition to our corporate headquarters assures that we screen, recruit and train our security guards to fit your specific security needs.

What if my company’s size or revenues does not warrant the employment of a full-time security?

We can provide any request under a short or long term contractual arrangement. Please contact us for a free consultation and discuss your options with a security consultant.

Are your prices competitive?

Innovative has had the reputation of beating their competitors prices while raising the standard of security. Innovative Protection has a consultant who will create customized strategic assessments to direct all clients to the best form of security for their specific needs.

Who are field supervisors and what do they do?

Field supervisors at Innovative have gone through vigorous training and are required to have a military or police background will fill out a Security Officer Evaluation form, which assesses a variety of details including, but not limited to: Security Officer appearance and proper attire, daily reports/incident reports, post orders, awareness and overall demeanor.” “Will Innovative respect our privacy while they protect our property?” “Entirely. All Innovative personnel and staff are dedicated to respecting your property and privacy without compromising our duties. We provide ethics training throughout our company and adhere to all your business guidelines and regulations.

Does Innovative provide written instructions to their security guards that explain what we expect of them?

Yes. When you meet with or talk with one of our security consultants they will direct you to the best form of security. When they do so they will create post orders, then the field supervisors will go to that post and train the guard. The field supervisors job then is to make sure these orders are met every shift by the guards.

How do you know our guards are on site working, and won’t sleep?

Innovative Protection provides a free Guard System, with that technology guards have checkpoints around a location and scan every 30 minutes during their foot patrols. At Innovative there are also field supervisors who do random patrol checks.

What can we expect from Innovative and their Security Guards?

Inovative takes pride in providing quality security services to individuals and business all over California. At Innovative guards are all highly trained and were top of their classes in completing the California guard card licensing process. Guards at Innovative are trained to be on time, alert, courteous, well groomed, and are thoroughly instructed on their post duties by their field supervisors.