Innovative Protection specializes in providing a variety of services to the hotel, lodging and hospitality industry. We understands facilities can range from express hotels to multi-venue facilities. With this in mind Innovative Protection can provide a mix of staff and services in order to provide each facility with comprehensive coverage as needed.

Types of officers that can be provided include:

-Uniformed Officers – uniformed officers can be provided to patrol the facility and provide other duties as directed.
-Vehicle Patrol – vehicle patrol can be provided including the use of bikes, Segway’s, golf carts, automobiles or SUVs.
-Loss Prevention – loss prevention services can be provided for retail establishments located on the premises.
-Plain Clothes Officers – depending on the facility or event, officers can be provided in professional dress including a suit
and tie if desired.
Services provided include:

-Patrol of the interior facility.
-Patrol of the exterior facility including parking lots, pools, cabanas and other areas as desired.
-Respond to guest complaints.
-Check for and identify safety hazards.
-Perform extra duties such as delivery of express invoices at night, etc.
-Provide security for restaurants, bars and clubs located at the facility.
-Provide security for special events such as corporate conferences, private parties, weddings, and any other event the facility may host.
-Supplement In House Staff

Innovative Protection maintains an on-line reporting system that can track security and maintenance issues by room number, issue parking passes and enforce parking regulations.

Innovative Protection can provide training services for your in-house security and other staff members.
Examples of training provided by Innovative Protection includes: CPR/First Aid/AED certification, Fire-Life-Safety Training, Safety Classes/
Meetings, Workplace Violence Prevention, Annual Refresher Training for security officers, Chemical Weapons Certification,
Ambassadorial Traits for security officers and many more classes related to risk management and security.